Pingdom dropped its' free uptime monitoring plan. Don't worry we will help you.

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Uptime Monitoring

1 minute checks. Test your website's global availability every minute from multiple locations using HTTP/S, custom ports, POST data and keywords.


Instant Alerting

Get notification in your mailbox instantly when outage or performance decrease occurs.


Multiple Test Locations

Test the Uptime and Page Speed of your website from multiple locations and ensure your users from different locations are able to get the value of your site.


SSL & Domain Monitoring

Do not pay for monitoring the vitals of your website nor worry about it. Get instant notifications for your certificate's and domain name's renewals ahead of time.


Black List Monitoring

There are hundreds of black lists you must check your website with every day. We will ensure that your website isn't listed in any black lists out there and you won't need to pay additional fees for this service.


Root Cause Analysis

Learn why your service went down, the moment it went down! Uptimezen runs a Root Cause Analysis on your website whenever it detects a Confirmed Down event!

Our Goal is to make uptime monitoring

Free, Reliable, Neat

Recently Pingdom took down their free uptime service. We tried to switch to others but the uptime services we found was either pricey or if free, then had limited features and with terrible false positive ratios! This was the time when we decided to build UptimeZen. Our aim is to provide the best uptime service in place with lowest possible price. UptimeZen's globally distributed kubernetes architecture makes it possible to reduce costs below cents and helps us solve the false positive and reliability problems. UptimeZen's feature set is designed to outmatch pricey uptime services such as Pingdom and sort, with much more to come as we move along.

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Frequently asked questions

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Why should I switch to UptimeZen from Pingdom?

We will offer the same uptime monitoring feature set for free! Uptime Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis, 30 monitors, 1 minute checks, Status Pages and simply all the feature set that comes with Pingdom's Uptime Monitoring! Why not save some money?

Uptime Robot and Freshping has a free plan. Why should I choose UptimeZen?

Two worthy players. But Uptime Robot offers 1 minute checks for $5 per month. Freshping is making a move for their paid plan. Well, UptimeZen is free and will offer feature parity.

Uptime Service I'm using goes down from time to time. Are you better? Can we rely on your availability?

We are built on a highly available kubernetes cluster system spread over multiple physical and virtual locations. We are relying on the infrastructure of Digital Ocean and Amazon AWS. Our architecture is designed to provide continous uptime. Well, uptime monitoring service would've looked terrible if itself went down, right?

What about False Positives? My current service has a terrible false positive ratio!

Whenever the response time is over the threshold, we do an immediate second check from an alternate location for confirmation. If both events show that the service is down we notify you. Moreover, we do a Root Cause Analysis from all our nodes at that given time! All happen under 1 minute and you get notified, including a Root Cause Report in your mailbox!

Who is backing UptimeZen? What is your future plans?

We are a team of engineers who believe, what could be delivered for free, should be delivered for free! Moreover, we believe that, if well architected, current infrastructure of Internet makes possible to offer this service for free. From Developers to Developers, from Webmasters to Webmasters is our motto! We are coming from the same seats. In future we will extend the capability of our services and look for unique ways to improve the quality of your day or at least make you get rested while we are worrying about the status of your services.

How can I contribute to UptimeZen?

We want to code new features for you, by talking to you. We want to have you as a part of our development team, listen to you and build the best tool out there for you. You can get in touch with us by using below contact form and you will see how eager we are to solve your monitoring problems!

Need features? Your current product can't deliver or they won't listen to you?

Drop us a word. We will contact you asap.